My Favorite Summer Memory

My favorite summer memory was the summer of 1985. My parents took my brother and I from Phoenix, AZ to Fort Bragg, CA in a camper shell on the back of their Chevy Pickup Truck.

We spent two full weeks in that camper shell. My little brother and I had to share the lower bed that was created from moving the dining table down and flipping the bench cushions down into a pseudo-bed. Actually, we didn't share the bed for long. I ended up sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor of the camper. … Because… my little brother liked to (unknowingly, he insists)… CUDDLE in his sleep. At 15, I could only take so much cuddling with my 7-year-old brother.

Beyond that, it was great fun being on the open road with my whole family for two weeks. After we visited my Great Uncle in Fort Bragg, we took our time travelling down the Pacific Coast Highway. We stopped at the beach several times and spent the night at KOAs most of the trip. (KOA is an acronym which stands for Kampgrounds Of America.) We stopped in San Francisco, Anaheim (Disneyland, yay!), San Diego, and several other points in between. Then, we finally drove back home.

And, as much fun as that two week mega-vacation was, after spending two weeks in a camper shell, our house appeared HUGE by comparison. After two weeks in living quarters with a ceiling barely higher than the top of my head, our house's eight foot ceilings seemed absolutely PALATIAL!

Great fun!


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