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Social Media Musings

I attended a panel discussion about Monitoring Social Media at Social Media Club Phoenix‘s meeting last night. It was very well done and informative. If nothing else, it certainly got me thinking about my plans to be the “DETAIL ORIENTED Desktop Publisher” and make money with it. Here are some of said musings:

Is it important to have your content (blog, Tweet, FB post, etc.) proofread and edited for style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.? Is it important enough to (1) pay someone to do this proofreading and editing and (2) wait for the proofreader to get the edited text back to you?

In Social Media monitoring, how many tweets/posts/etc. go un-monitored because of spelling errors? What if you’re monitoring the term “witch” but 15% of respondents spell it “which” (say, because you accidentally spelled it that way in your blog post)?

So, let me pose the main question to you!